Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The first group of unenrolled preparers have passed the competency test.

Each scored 70% or better on the test. Those who pass a tax compliance check will receive certificates from IRS stating that they are “Registered Tax Return Preparers”.

Nobody can call themselves a “Registered Tax Return Preparer” UNTIL they have received that IRS R.T.R.P. Certificate.

But the licensing rules for unenrolled preparers are facing a court challenge. The lawsuit claims that the Service’s regulatory scheme is invalid. As we have noted, IRS is requiring preparers of the 1040 series of returns who aren’t CPAs, attorneys or enrolled agents to pass a competency test, satisfy continuing education rules and pay fees. It may take some time for this case to wind its way through the legal system.

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John Young said...

Government puts more small businesses out of business. The test should be free if they goal is to protect consumers and not big business like H&R Block, etc. John Young