Friday, March 14, 2014

Small Business Owners Say Raise the Wage

Low-wage workers and their advocates aren't the only voices around the country calling for an increase in the minimum wage. At health and wellness store Cambridge Naturals outside of Boston, on March 13, Secretary Perez attended a gathering of small business owners who are weighing in on the need to raise the wage, saying that more money in the hands of workers is good for their bottom lines and the economy as a whole. A higher entry-level wage reduces turnover and improves workers' attitudes and performance, which results in happier customers and better business, they told the secretary. "Every dollar we can invest in somebody comes back to us because they learn about our products and feel invested in our business," said Elizabeth Stagl, co-owner of Cambridge Naturals. David Sandberg, owner of Porter Square Books, said he has always paid higher starting wages to his employees, but that it's time for a nationwide minimum wage increase to level the playing field for all businesses.

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