Friday, March 3, 2017

Keep track of your earnings and benefits with a my Social Security account

The my Social Security account is a free online account that allows people quick, secure access to their personal Social Security information. You can use your account to access your Social Security Statement to verify your earnings and get estimates of future retirement, disability, and survivor benefits you and your family may receive.

If you already receive Social Security benefits, you can:

SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S

Social Security sends an SSA-1099 or 1042S each January to everyone who receives Social Security benefits. These forms show the total amount of benefits paid in the previous year. An estimated 42% of people who get Social Security benefits have to pay income tax on their benefits. They can use this statement when they complete their federal income tax return to find out if they have to pay taxes on their benefits.

If you lose your SSA-1099 or 1042S, you can use a my Social Security account to view and print your SSA-1099 or 1042S or request to have a new one mailed to you.

Setting up an account is easy, secure and convenient — just go to my Social Security – Sign In Or Create an Account.

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