Friday, January 7, 2011

IRS Issues Fact Sheets to Help Taxpayers in 2011

To kick of the tax filing season, the IRS has issued fact sheets to provide information on the following topics:

• FACT SHEET-2011-06 — Expanded Options for Using Tax Refunds to Buy Savings Bonds

• FACT SHEET-2011-05 — The IRS uses social media tools and platforms to share the latest information on tax changes, initiatives, products and services.

• FACT SHEET-2011-04 — The Internal Revenue Service offers free help to taxpayers who need answers to their federal tax questions and help with filing a return.

• FACT SHEET-2011-03 — A special tax credit offers taxpayers an opportunity to lower their tax bill or increase their refunds on their 2010 federal tax returns.

• FACT SHEET-2011-02 — Businesses and self-employed individuals should be aware of tax changes regarding credits, deductions, and making payments in 2011.

• FACT SHEET-2011-01 — April 18 deadline, tax breaks extended, adoption credit and more.

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