Monday, May 2, 2011

QuickBooks Tips & Trcks: Inventory Assembly Build Enhancements

Inventory Assembly type items are the best method for entering a bill of materials to detail the components which are required to build a finished good, or a sub-assembly item. The advantage of this method over group items is that the components are actually removed from other inventory items and/or additional costs are included to create this new item which is tracked going forward. This feature is available in the QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions products.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has two additional features related to the inventory assembly items:

1.) Variable Bill of Materials. What this means is that as the build is entered, you can change the bill of materials at that time. So if this build actually required more of a specific item, you can update it, or if a different component was used, you can change it. All of this from right in the build screen rather than needing to edit the bill of materials from the item list as is required with Premier.

2.) Print the Build. While neither product has a true work order process, with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, it is possible to print the build to provide a paper trail for the process.

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