Friday, July 15, 2011

IRS Warns Of “Phishing” Scam That Targets Tax Professionals

IRS on July 8 updated its periodic alerts to taxpayers regarding schemes that fraudulently use the agency's name, logo or website clone to gain access to individuals' financial information for purposes of identity and asset theft. The latest scam involves the use of e-mail, which is also known as “phishing.” In this scam, an e-mail, which supposedly emanates from IRS Tax Forums, requests that recipients register for an event for tax professionals by using an attached registration form. “This is not a legitimate request from the IRS,” the agency said. IRS warned recipients not to open the attachment or click on any links contained in the e-mail. “The IRS does not send registration forms by e-mail but makes them available instead on the Nationwide Tax Forums Website,” the agency said. IRS requested that anyone receiving such an e-mail forward it to the agency at and then delete it. A comprehensive list of phishing schemes can be found at,,id=214917,00.html.

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