Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IRS Identified Tax Preparers Who Applied For PTINs And Failed To Disclose Criminal Tax Convictions

In connection with its new tax preparer oversight program, IRS announced on April 25 that it has identified 19 tax preparers who applied for preparer tax identification numbers (PTINs) and failed to disclose a criminal tax conviction on their application or have been permanently enjoined from preparing tax returns. (IR 2011-47) These individuals were sent letters from IRS proposing revocation of their PTINs, and they now have 20 days to respond and provide documentation showing why their PTINs should not be revoked. According to the news release, IRS's efforts to prevent tax preparers with criminal tax convictions or permanent injunctions from preparing tax returns reflect “just one of several recent moves to improve the quality and oversight of the tax preparation industry.”

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