Saturday, April 2, 2011

IRS Makes It Easier for Employers to Keep Track of Important Tax Deadlines

The IRS has a new online tool to make it easier to remember important tax return and deposit deadlines. It's called the “IRS Calendar Connector” and it doesn't cost anything to download it to a computer desktop. The calendar includes deadlines for all types of taxes, including income, employment, and excise taxes. However, employers may customize the calendar to only include deadlines for certain types of taxes. For example, a calendar that was customized to only show employment tax deadlines would display semiweekly and monthly payroll tax deposit due dates and the deadlines for filing employment tax returns. Employers may choose whether they want to see a list of deadlines by day, week, or month. The “settings” option allows users to check for updates, which will refresh in real time. The settings may also be adjusted to have the calendar start up at the time a user logs on to his or her computer. The “Calendar Connector” may be downloaded at

The IRS also has a monthly online calendar on its website (see, and a publication (IRS Publication 509) that has tax deadline dates.

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