Friday, April 8, 2011

IRS reminds taxpayers that April 18th is still the due date for filing tax returns

The IRS today reminded taxpayers that tax returns will still be due on April 18 even in the event of a government shutdown. This includes any return otherwise due on that date including all tax returns or estimated tax payments. IRS emphasized that e-filed returns will continue to be processed and refunds will be issued if due on an e-filed returns. The processing of paper returns will be delayed as will any taxpayer refunds due on paper returns. However, any checks or payments submitted with a paper return will continue to be processed.

IRS also announced the agency’s contingency plans in the event of a government shutdown. Generally speaking, automatic IRS functions will continue to be available. This includes the website for obtaining a PTIN or EFIN. One major exception to this general rule is that the taxpayer hotline will continue to be available, but only for taxpayer questions involving an individual income tax return.

By contrast, functions involving contact with IRS will generally be unavailable. The IRS said that any previously scheduled appointment with IRS personnel will be cancelled, including appointments with collections, appeals or the taxpayer advocate’s office. The practioner priority hotline will be unavailable and will any walk-in taxpayer assistance center. No new liens will be filed or issued, however any lien notices already on the way to the post office will continue to be delivered.

The IRS said it would post any updated information on its website at Meanwhile, anyone having a specific question may gain further insight by reviewing the overall IRS contingency plan at

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